Strategic Partnerships

Allied’s customers benefit from our numerous strategic partnerships. Allied’s technology partners complement our own products and services. Allied works with several special technology companies worldwide to offer specific solutions to our customers. Our involvement with key industry associations are also significant.


Allied is a long-time member of Sheet Metal Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association.  (SMACNA) is the leader in promoting quality and excellence in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry.  SMACNA standards are the industry standard for sheet metal and ventilation work.

SMART, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers

Allied has been a signatory to SMART (formerly SMWIA)  since our beginnings. our union sheet metal workers are simply the best trained, highest skilled in the business.

Technology Partners


Air-Cure Incorporated is the leading baghouse filter technology company and supplier of proprietary parts for baghouses. GreCon offers spark detection and extinguishing systems for baghouses and Albarrie is the leading supplier of filter bags in Canada. Eisenmann offers exhaust air purification systems, thermal oxidizing and wet precipitator systems. In addition to these companies Allied has close working relationship with many technology companies offering solutions for waste utilization, waste wood energy systems, wood and sludge drying, specialty kilns for thermal processing of wood. To help our customers solve problems we find partners with advanced technology.

Air-Cure Incorporated, located in Minneapolis, MN is one of the leading environmental baghouse filter suppliers in North America. Air-Cure is currently used in every application from wood dust, insulation, metals, plastic to resource recovery and food processing. Air-Cure is also the market leader for implementing coal dust systems in the USA. Air-Cure filters operate at lower cost and provide greater efficiency than conventional pulse-jet filters. Allied holds exclusive fabrication rights for the full spectrum of Air-Cure filters for distribution in Canada.


Albarrie from Barrie, ON is the major Canadian manufacturer of non-woven filter fabrics and filter bags used in baghouse filters. Albarrie filter bags are available in variety of materials: Polyester, P84, Basalt, PPS, ECR, Poly-ox, Aramids, and Polypropylene. Industry applications include wood, asphalt, cement, chemical, food, metals, minerals, power and others. Allied represents Albarrie’s product line in all applications in western Canada and northwest USA and warehouses products for fast service. Contact Allied’s Parts Department for details.


GreCon has a world wide reputation as a supplier of Spark Detection / Extinguishment Systems used to prevent baghouse and silo dust explosions and fire. GreCon systems automatically detects and extinguish and/or abort sparks from pneumatic conveying systems. Allied represents GreCon North America in western Canada and parts and maintenance services to local customers. Contact Allied’s Parts Department for details.

Industry Associations

Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA)
Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)

Allied Blower