Grain Handling & Food Processing

Allied designs and manufactures dust control equipment for many of the grain terminals on the West Coast as well as the inland terminals. Dust control is a major issue when handling grain or agri-bulk commodities.  These dusts are combustible and creates environments for explosions.  Air quality for these workplaces can also be impacted by high levels of dust.

Allied provides the following services:

  • Terminal-wide dust extraction systems including conveyor transfer points, seed cleaning equipment aspiration, chutes, spouts, and any other area where dust control is required
  • Material transfer systems using blowers to transfer collected material to a central location
  • Replacement bags and spare parts for baghouses
  • Repairs and upgrades to existing dust control equipment including fans, airlocks.

Allied also provides systems for food processing facilities across Western Canada. Coffee plants, rendering plants and other food related businesses that require dust control and gas cleaning systems are just a few examples.

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