Mining & Metals

Allied designs, manufactures, installs and services HVAC and dust control equipment for mines, cement plants and other mineral processing plants. Air Cure, our baghouse technology partner, is the North American leader in coal handling dust collection. Coal dust is highly combustible and experience is required to minimize the potential for fires and explosions. In addition to dust systems, Allied fabricates and installs hoods/ducting for HVAC & dust control systems in mines and cement plants. Allied provides the following services:

  • Dust extraction systems including conveyor transfer points, car unloaders, chutes, spouts, and any other area where dust control is required
  • Material transfer systems using blowers to transfer collected material to a central location
  • Plant or area fume extraction
  • Equipment room cooling with filtered air available
  • Spouting, chuting
  • Replacement bags and spare parts for baghouses
  • Repairs and upgrades to existing dust control equipment including fans, airlocks etc.
Allied Blower