Panel & Engineered Lumber Plants

Combustible dust is a serious concern for engineered lumber plants—with dangerous consequences if not managed properly. Created as a byproduct of the manufacturing process, dust can not only cause health issues but can be an explosion hazard. Typically, air systems must meet the requirements of NFPA Sections 68, 69, 77, 91, 499, 654 & 644. Allied Blower supplies air NFPA complaint systems for various panel and engineered lumber manufacturing plants, as well as plywood, OSB, MDF, particleboard, LVL, PSL and others. Our solutions include:

  • Mill wide dust extraction systems for green end systems, flaker and hammermill systems, bins and screens, panel and engineered lumber forming lines, finishing systems, etc.
  • Raw material and process residue conveying systems with high and low pressure lines
  • Fiber recovery systems
  • Dryer ducting, cyclones and exhaust air cleaning systems, Wet ESPs, RTOs, RCOs and Catalytic Gas Treatment
  • Press exhaust hoods and gas cleaning systems (as above), exhaust fans and stack
  • MDI conversion dust upgrades
  • Press exhaust dust systems
  • Make-up air and ventilation systems
  • Pond pocket bubbling systems
  • Combustible dust studies and assessments
  • RTO maintenance
  • OSB forming lines
  • Sanders, edgers, T&G and other finishing end equipment

Customers and Projects

Since 1984, Allied Blower has supplied pneumatic systems to over 30 greenfield OSB, MDF, Particleboard, Strawboard and LVL plants in addition to many system improvements and plant modernizations.

Key projects include:

Engineered Wood Dryer Cyclones, Airlocks and Duct Supply and Install

Engineered Wood Supply and Install EFB Stack

Engineered Wood MDI System

Allied Blower