Dust Control & Pneumatic Conveying

Allied designs custom dust extraction systems based on your specific requirements. A typical system includes fan, dust collector (cyclone/baghouse), airlock or feeder, ductwork and hoods.  Often, the collected material is conveyed to anther process or area via a high pressure pneumatic conveying system.

The major components are of standard design. Equipment is sized to meet the specifications based on plant size, raw material particle type, residue transfer and storage requirements.

High pressure conveying systems are custom designed to accommodate the volume, material characteristics, distances and elevations.

Centrifugal Fans

Allied manufactures a wide range of centrifugal fans (radial blade, radial tip and backward inclined). These fans have been developed for long, maintenance-free operation in demanding industrial material handling processes. Allied’s fans are selected from standard designs to fit specific process requirements.



Allied has built thousands of cyclones for various applications. Standard efficiency cyclones are used where baghouse filters are required to cope with emission standards. High efficiency cyclones are used as primary separators and air cleaning devices in many applications. High-pressure cyclones are used as receivers in pneumatic conveying systems. All cyclones have different design requirements and they are custom made for each application.

Baghouse Filters

Increasing demand for a cleaner environment and requirements for lower particulate emissions from the manufacturing processes, result in baghouse air filters being widely used in resource industries. In principle, baghouses are industrial-sized vacuum cleaners. The difference between a baghouse and a household vacuum is the need to continuously remove dust while the baghouse is in operation.

The cleaning mechanisms have been developed over the past 50 years. Early developments used shaker and reverse air systems, while newer baghouse designs use a PulseJet cleaning system (using compressed air) or a High-Energy PulseAir system (using a displacement blower) for cleaning air. Side-by-side comparisons prove baghouses using High-Energy PulseAir are more efficient, deliver the cleanest results and prolong bag life.

Allied has been a technology partner with Air-Cure Inc. for 20 years.  AriCure is an industrial baghouse specialist located in Minneapolis.  AriCure baghouses have High-Energy PulseAir cleaning and a round body. They are ideally suited in demanding applications with high airflows, heavy dust loads and 24 hour a day operation. In the forest industry, the AriCure baghouses are used in panel board plants and increasingly in sawmills. AriCure baghouses are also well suited to cold environment, to be used in northern mines for example. Allied has manufactured and installed hundreds of baghouses over the past 48 years.

The baghouse systems come with Albarrie filter bags and are often equipped with GreCon Fire Protection.

Airlocks and Feeders

Allied’s rotary airlocks are designed for heavy-duty applications. Airlocks are equipped with rotors with rubber tips. Class 3 Airlocks are used for light and medium loading. Class 4 Airlocks are used for heavy loading applications, where ultimate reliability is required. Allied Airlocks are available in sizes ranging from 16″ – 84″.

Allied steel-tipped feeders are NFPA complaint and are available in sizes ranging from 12″x18″ to 45″x55″.

Hoods and Ducting Components

A dust extraction system includes a variety of custom made collection hoods and interconnecting ducting components. Depending on the process requirements, hoods and ducting components are made of different materials; painted or galvanized steel or stainless steel of various grades.

High Pressure Blower Systems

Allied builds skid-mounted blower united which include a positive displacement blower with drive,  inlet, outlet silencers and pressure control panel if PLC control is not available.

Allied provides inspection and rebuild services for all positive displacement blowers, feeders.

Allied manufactures diverter switches for all high pressure pneumatic conveying systems.

Allied Blower