Services & Repairs

Service is Allied’s specialty.  we operate 6 locations to better serve our customers with large projects, tight timelines or emergency down time.

Allied offers the following services together, as part of a turnkey package, or individually as required by our customers.

1. Design

Our experts can scope out your requirements and design the optimal air system to solve your unique challenges. Success begins with a good foundation: our designers are skilled in 3-D CAD/CAM applications.

Our engineers can certify equipment or designs if required by our customers, by regulatory agencies, or other stakeholders.

As members of SMACNA (Sheet Metal Air Conditioning Contractors’ Association of North America) Allied employs industry standard in our design, fabrication and install.

2. Supply

We build and source the products required for your air system. State-of-the-art equipment, such as our fully-automated duct line, supports our goal to have the lowest cost, highest quality, quickest lead time of all air systems providers. To maintain a smooth process and manage projects on a near-real-time basis, we employ PMBOK® Standards with PMP-designated managers supported by a modern ERP system. To focus quality at the source and eliminate any defects, we also implement a Visual Q/A System.

3. Installation

Allied employs highly trained/skilled tradesmen as a result of being a signatory to SMART International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers [North America] Union. We put experienced industrial tradesmen right on your job site. For fast response and ordering, we have 6 shops across North America, totaling 100,000 ft2. We have safety training for all employees, COR Certification, and a full-time safety officer.

4. Maintenance

Our field installation teams are available for regular service visits on your maintenance days or during plant shut downs. When new equipment is needed, our project managers offer you a complete package of equipment engineering, supply and installation.

We supply, install and maintain the following equipment:

Dust Collectors

  • Cyclones
  • Baghouses

Fans & Blowers

  • Centrifugal Fans 2,000-70,000 cfm
  • High Pressure Blower packages

Fire Prevention

  • Spark Detect & Arrest Systems
  • High Speed Abort Gates
  • Dust Enclosures & Containment
  • Valves & Switches
  • Rotary Airlocks
  • Diverter Gates
  • Close Tolerance Steel-Tipped Feeders
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Inlet Back Blast Dampers

Pipe Fittings & Duct

  • Rectangular Seam Lock
  • Flat Back High Wear Elbows
  • Round Spiral Lock
  • Round Welded Flange Construction
  • Rectangular Welded Construction
  • Custom Chuting & Spouting

5. Project Manager Services

Our Project Managers are service specialists who, in cooperation with your maintenance team, can assess operating conditions of your equipment and offer spare parts and repair services. We can help improve your production systems, increase capacity or modify your plant’s existing air handling or dust systems in your plant.

6. Emergency Services

Our equipment is designed to operate 24/7 in demanding industrial processes. When emergency service is needed to get you back into production, our field crews and shops to offer the service you need in shortest possible time.

7. Baghouse Services

For baghouses we offer scheduled bag changes, maintenance & repairs and special TASK onsite bag cleaning service by Albarrie.


Contact us to discuss your service requirements or schedule services.

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